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EVE Podcast Jenny Herbert - That Social Geek

That Social Geek is a family owned, local small business, here in Queen Creek, seeking to help other small businesses with certain marketing needs, with the help of automation. Helping businesses be seen by online consumers through social media and Google, shine to consumers by awesome online reviews and innovative chatbots, and soaring to the top of their competitive market! All designed for the over-busy, overwhelmed small business owner who wants and needs to grow. Let That Social Geek help your business or a business owner you know be seen, shine and soar in 2020

Maggie: This is Maggie with Zenith Marketing and Sales. This is the East Valley Entrepreneurs podcast where we interview local business owners in the valley so we can learn more about each other’s businesses and bring our community closer together. Today I am speaking with Jenny Herbert from That Social Geek where they provide tools to help with social media marketing and online reputation monitoring. Please enjoy.

Maggie: So I have Jenny Herbert with That Social Geek so Hello Jenny, how are you?

Jenny: Hi. Great. Thank you for having me.

Maggie: Yeah absolutely. So we were chatting a bit but what can you tell everyone that you do? What is That Social Geek and how can it help them?

Jenny: That Social Geek is fun! We help small businesses manage their social media, we help give the tools so companies can independently manage that easily, bring platforms together in one dashboard – we like to call it – and they can schedule things out take up less time to do it because it’s all there in front of you. You’re not having to chase down Facebook, and chase down LinkedIn, Pinterest, wherever you are. So that will helpful hope business owners to be able to be in front of their audience in a simpler way. We want to help simplify. And we also help trade and service industries with their online reviews and managing that in a more simpler way. Cause everyone gets reviews. They’re all out there but they’re in lots of different places so much like the social media platforms being brought together in one dashboard, we like to do that with the reviews as well. Online reviews get pulled in from all out there. Aggregated to one spot and they can be managed really simply from there. And we can help generate more positive reviews from there as well, different ways, easy ways.

Maggie: So yeah the review app is something I’ve played with and it’s super cool and super easy.

Jenny: I’m glad you love it!

Maggie: Yeah, no, it’s awesome. Just thinking like if I’m going to a doctor’s office or a plumber I don’t know yet, I’m going to look at the reviews and if I see they have like a two star review I’m not gonna go with them.

Jenny: Right?

Maggie: Yeah

Jenny: It means a lot.

Maggie: Yeah it definitely does. Other than like my best friend telling me Hey go with these I have to rely on the reviews that are on Google or Yelp or wherever and so what this does is take all of those and puts them in one spot so you can look at them easily and then even ask for reviews. That was super neat too. Either with text or email.

Jenny: Yes. And with a little QR code even. Scan it. Right there. Cause that’s the best time to get a review is right at the moment of service. Say what did you thing? If you’re in line at a coffee shop or a bagel shop or getting your tires changed or an oil change, how did you like your service? What did you think today? Scan that QR code, there’s your review app right there. Boom. Done. Really easy.

Maggie: Yeah I could see that. While they are still excited about it. Not two weeks later.

Jenny: Yeah, get that awesome review. And in a way that really helps to protect a businesses brand. Because all of those reviews that are put in through our software are held until you decide what you want to do with them. And if they are positive reviews you can put them right to Facebook, put them right on your website. You can automatically – there’s an automated system in there that will automatically thank them for that awesome review and ask them if they have a Google account or Yelp or something like that will they please take an extra second to copy and paste it there. We make it as easy as possible. And it also helps protect the brand by suppressing and kind of hiding any negatives that might already be out there on third party sites that you have no control over. And those are going to be there no mater what so the more we can bring up, generate more positive reviews suppress and hide those negative. And any negatives that come in get kept and held onto.

Maggie: Yeah, and I like that cause that gives your client the opportunity to respond and kind of like rebuttal, well hey let’s talk about this like how can we make it better or actually here’s what really happened or something like that. 

Jenny: Right and give them a chance to make them feel like an absolute priority. Oh my goodness we didn’t mean for that to happen. We care about you. We treasure you as a customer. We want you to feel you’re important. And when other consumers can look on there and see how the negative review was handled in a positive and encouraging way they think man that’s a good business. 

Maggie: Yeah and I read on Yelp like five star reviews are less trusted than like four-point-two star reviews* or something like that. So yeah if you have one negative review in there and you handle it that actually really improves the trust rate with people around you.

Jenny: Absolutely.

Maggie: So yeah that’s awesome that you do that. Something new is the bot service. I want to know more about that. What is the bot and… chat bot.

Jenny: Yes and even Mark Zuckerberg was talking about those recently. Talking about how they’re going to be implemental in the future of business online. So since we’re in such a digital age, and the up and coming generations are all about being in their screens, and on their screens, interacting with their screens, chatbots use a little bit of AI to build a relationship with a consumer. So if you go to a website looking for questions, looking for answers, this little chatbot can show up and say Hi how are you today. It won’t physically be talking but it will be typing. Kind of like if you’ve ever used customer service with Amazon and you’re chatting with what you hope is another person on the other side. 

Maggie: Steven with quotation marks.

Jenny: Right and you see the little three dots blinking at you as you’re hoping there’s a person back there. How can I help you today and that’s really what a chatbot does. And we utilize those to help filter through what the consumers wanting, what their need is and that gives the business side more of an edge to help that customer better. 

Maggie: So does that go on their website?

Jenny: It can go on their website. We’re working on making sure they can be on Facebook pages – business pages. But definitely for sure on their website that is mobile optimized.

Maggie: OK. So just as an example, if I had it on my website somebody was typing in website design, is there an automated response that I would have ahead of time entered in or how does that work? 

Jenny: Well AI uses some of its own smartness let’s say but there are some pathways that are built in. And as we build it for you we go through the interview process with the business to see what information are you hoping to glean from your customers and then there are several pathways that can be built out. It’s kind of like when I was growing up I read books that were…

Both: Choose your own adventure!

Jenny: Yeah so it’s kind of like that. Where you get asked a question and based on your response it will pick a pathway. One of these pathways that you’re – it’s going to take you down to try to figure out ok how can I help you the best. And at the very end of it, you can input some information if you’re comfortable where the business can get back to you. Which is important and that’s helpful for the business because then they’re gonna – hopefully not lose that person, say oh no I have to put information in I don’t want to do that. Hopefully this – you know we’re trying to build a caring, build an understanding, build a Yes we want to help you that’s why we have this service implemented on our website. We hope we’re building a trust, we’ll take care of your information and not sell it out there or anything like that. Give us your information so we can contact you, help you with your need. 

Maggie: Well that sounds awesome. 

Jenny: It’s fun. And you can create your own little avatar. It can be uh we have one right now who’s a handyman and he’s got his handyman logo on there which is really cute but you could have an animal that waves hi at you or a fox head or something. You can create an emoji type person or a bitly typer person is kind of what they look like to me. They’re fun. They’re fun little characters. So you could have your own picture in there if you want. We have one client that has actually their picture. 

Maggie: Yeah I wonder if they have… PHONE RINGS Sorry I have a call. I’m super busy I have a call. Ugh. Spam. So I wonder if that one with the picture actually has more interaction rate because of that picture as far as creating that trust. 

Jenny: Because of the picture. It’s still in test mode right now. It’s theirs so we hope to see that too. Because it’s wonderful when you can actually see who you’re talking to. A lot of times we don’t get that. We get a name or we get a little picture but we don’t see that there’s actually a real person on the other side.

Maggie: Or the generic headset lady.

Jenny: Right so it’s nice to know there’s really a real person there. Or there will be when I get filtered and give my information. 

Maggie: This is what’s coming.

Jenny: Yes. I will call you. 

Maggie: So looking around your website and I also saw proximity marketing. Is that something you guys are getting into, is that down the road? 

Jenny: We’re still kind of holding onto that. So that is really fun and my husband is really passionate about it. It’s geofencing and it is done with a little sonar thing. You have to download an app and the piece that’s missing right now is there’s not enough people using the app. So we have to get a lot more people to sign on to the app to be able to use it but what’s really cool about it is if you’re a business with a little bagel shop over here and you see a more famously-named bagel shop kind of in this area, you can set a geofence around that area so anyone using your app, when they go to that bagel shop that’s bigger than you are they’ll get a little coupon.

Maggie: OK. I like that. 

Jenny: Hey, how about fifty cents off on your bagel today? Come and see us. And they get a little coupon and when they come back they see this wonderful ad and they say oh they’re just down the street I’ll go there. They can use their little coupon and they can get their bonus. And so it’s a way to be in front of customers, to compete in your field in the market.

Maggie: Definitely in your area. 

Jenny: Definitely, definitely. So proximity marketing is really cool. Big companies use it. Starbucks uses it. I think McDonald’s uses, there are lots of big name companies that use this kind of geofencing and proximity marketing technology and it’s a way for small businesses to take advantage of that too. We’re just missing the number of people using the app.

Maggie: Gotcha. Say that’s coming soon.

Jenny: We’ll say it’s coming. It’s in the works. 

Maggie: So I like that your platform helps businesses be independent. Instead of going ten different tabs open with all my social media profiles I can manage it on this platform. And the going to the reviews that’s also awesome. I try to hand out little cards like Hey please leave me a review on Google but that’s just Google. So here, you get all of these different sites, pull them together and then you can put them on your own website in one feed. Have like a Yelp review, Google review, all of these different things on one page. Legitimate reviews that you earned. So that was super exciting to see. 

Jenny: I’m glad. That means a lot to me because you’re the website lady. So that really means a lot. So there is a widget in there that gets built-in when you sign on and you can connect that to your website. It’s amazing to see how many websites don’t have a testimonial page or they have a testimonial page and it’s blank. Or they just don’t know how to get them on there maybe. And then get them on to Facebook. So what’s cool is it presents a consistent face of your business. They go to your website, they see all those awesome reviews with the G or the Yelp sign, and the Houzz sign or whatever and regular testimonials, they go to Facebook they’ll see the same things because you can have them, with our system they can automatically, those positives can go just right up there if you want and then to go to Goole to Yelp, hopefully those will start to catch up to.

Maggie: And I think that’s great for authenticity. So I am sure there are some companies out there that make up reviews and put them on their site. Just like this is Karen P. from so and so which is too bad so I like that we have that Google icon or we’re saying its from Google there so we’re saying it’s authentic. We see that’s real, I can believe it. But yeah definitely reviews on websites that a must. On my checklist, we got to have a review on here. We gotta have good multiple reviews. 

Jenny: Yes, it’s important. 

Maggie: Awesome, so where can people go to learn more about That Social Geek and all that you do?

Jenny: They can find us on Facebook @thatsocialgeek. Our website is thatsocialgeek.com.

Maggie: I like it.

Jenny: And the reviews are under-at the top there’s reviews. You can click on that and find more information about the reviews side. The chatbots are still, they’re available, but they’re still not connected to our website just yet so I think right now it’s chatbotsaz.com and hopefully he’ll get that connected on our social geek site pretty soon. So if you want to check out the chatbots it chatbotsaz.com.

Maggie: Awesome. You guys, you and your husband Jason, you’ll do sit down and kind of like a demonstration of the review app. Which I thought was, I was like OK I’m sold. 

Jenny: Oh Yay. 

Maggie: It was that little demonstration. So I would say contact Jenny and Jason to get that free little consult and demonstration to see how awesome it is. 

Jenny: Well thank you.

Maggie: Yeah. Anything else we need to… I think that’s it. Well, thank you so much, Jenny.

Jenny: Thank you, Maggie.

Maggie: Well that concludes the very first episode of Zenith Marketing and Sales East Valley Entrepreneurs. Thank you for tuning in. We’re going to be bringing you interviews every week. Can’t wait to get your feedback. Thank you and I hope your day is as awesome as you are. 



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