Creating Calm Amongst the Chaos

In today’s ever-changing business environment, you can find yourself questioning why

I work hard!

I set goals!

I try to be fair; why is this happening to me!

I can promise you that this happens to all business owners and sales professionals. I am sure that when you look back on similar experiences, you will find that some of your most significant growth has happened during this period. Here are five recommendations:

  1. Don’t overreact, take emotion out of the equation. Removing the feeling is easier
    said than done. You may have to step back and look at your business from a
    different perspective. It’s ok to ask for help.
  2. Please write down the issue or situation, then look at it objectively.
  3. What processes and procedures do you already have in place that can solve the
    problem? Do these processes need to be updated or changed? Do new methods
    need to be created?
  4. When new processes or systems need to be designed or integrated into your
    business, define the objective. Walk-through your current process creating a
    keep or change list. Once your walk-through is complete, review the list. Keeping
    your objective mind work through the solution. If you have a team, ask for their
  5. Once you have generated the answer to the issue, implement the changes
    immediately. There is usually a transition period to new enhancement, use
    patience. Monitor the progress, adjust when and where needed.

Remember, that change and chaos are inevitable in business. Be proactive to change;
don’t be afraid of it. When issues arise, take a deep breath and jump in. Enjoy the

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