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UN-STUCK Your Business

Whip your brand and marketing into shape for business growth.

The Infinity Funnel Blueprint is an online and on-your-own-time series of courses that will walk you through the Zenith Marketing and Sales model of the Infinity Funnel – a traditional sales funnel reimagined.

  • Learn how to get new business, retain current clients, and use your existing customer base to be your biggest advocates.
  • Gain an understanding of your brand and learn how to communicate with your audience.
  • Get the logistics of marketing in order so your business can grow and you can continue doing what you love!
  • Master the Sales without Sleaze approach to closing more business!
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Who is this course for?

  • Have you reached a plateau in your business?
  • Have sales stalled or is income less than steady?
  • Maybe you’re not sure what to do next but you know you need to do something?!

It doesn’t have to be feast or famine. You can improve your business and be confident in what’s to come. This course is for you if you aren’t afraid of a little hard work and you know you want your business to succeed. 

Here’s what you get when you enroll:

Meet Your Instructors

John Bradshaw with Zenith Marketing and Sales

John Bradshaw

“You can’t do business with yourself, you can only take care of your needs by taking care of others’ first”.

John has 38 years of sales and management experience. Eight of those years as a certified business and sales coach, small business mentor, and trainer. During his sales and coaching career he has helped all sizes of companies from multi-billion dollar companies to the solopreneur. His passion is helping businesses and individuals discover their pathway to success while overcoming the turbulence they face on that road to success.

Favorite Books: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Think and Grow Rich

Maggie Rodriguez with Zenith Marketing and Sales

Maggie Rodriguez

“With clarity in communication comes understanding.”

Maggie has spent 14 years helping businesses with graphic design, website development, and branding. She is a 3-time winner in American Graphic Design Magazine Annual Awards Issue, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design, graduated with honors and was voted Faculty Choice Best Portfolio. She also holds a Technical SEO Certification and a Social Media Certification.

Favorite Books: The E-Myth Revisited and Don’t Make Me Think

Krysta Paffrath with Zenith Marketing and Sales

Krysta Paffrath

“When it comes to business, it isn’t just about Return on Investment, it’s about your Return on Relationships.”

Krysta is an entrepreneur and owner of three, successful businesses at the ripe age of 27. She believes in putting the personal touch back in marketing by using authentic content and a “return on relationship” approach when it comes to social media. Krysta has over 7 years of social media marketing experience with a variety of clients. She graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Technical Communication and is regularly sharpening her skills with new techniques.

Favorite Book: Your Oxygen Mask First: 17 Habits to Help High Achievers Survive and Thrive in Leadership and Life

Available Now!

The Infinity Funnel Blueprint is a tax-deductible investment in your business!

Business & Brand Foundations

Level 1 Available Now
$ 99 Lifetime Access
  • Video Instruction From the Pros
  • 10 Downloadable Worksheets and Templates
  • Ensure Solid Business Foundations
  • Defining Your Why in Business
  • Your Brand Voice and Messaging
  • Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy
  • Bonus Content! Facebook Insights

Blueprint Bundle & Save

Preorder All Levels
$ 495 Lifetime Access
  • Level 1: Business & Brand Foundations (Available Now!)
  • Video Instruction From the Pros​
  • 10 Downloadable Worksheets and Templates​
  • Ensure Solid Business Foundations
  • Defining Your Why in Business​
  • Your Brand Voice and Messaging
  • Creating a Successful Social Media Strategy​
  • Bonus Content! Facebook Insights​
  • Level 2: Awareness and Self Awareness
  • Level 3: Trust and Brand Authority
  • Level 4: Nurturing and Questioning
  • Level 5: Securing the Sale without Sleaze
  • Level 6: The Customer Journey Comes Full Circle
Best Value
Satisfaction Guarantee

Next Level Business Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe in this course. If you aren’t satisfied with the Infinity Funnel Blueprint we will offer a 100% refund.*


We expect to release levels 2 through 6 between now and December 2020.

Each level will have at least 3 videos and occasionally a bonus video. Videos are approximately 15 minutes long. The worksheets are self-paced and time spent on completion will vary between each student. 

No, we won’t grade individual materials or worksheets. If you are looking for feedback you can create a discussion in the private facebook group or ask us during our live office hours that will also be in the Facebook group.

Yes. Please read our Satisfaction Guarantee disclaimer below.

Yes! We developed this Infinity Funnel for business owners of all kinds. The material inside the course can be used in any industry.

*Ultimately your success depends on you and the work you put in. If you have completed each lesson, quiz, and course material worksheets and are not satisfied, we will offer a full refund. Refunds will only be offered up to 30 days from the purchase date. In that time, all completed course materials must be submitted along with your refund request to info@zenithaz.com for course completion verification before we will process the refund.

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