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Adapting to Change

Change, the Writing on the Wall

How much has your business landscape changed in 2020?  This saying is very relevant today, “There is one thing that is constant in life; that is change.” I dare say that every one of us has had to deal with changes in our lifestyle and business practices. Spencer Johnson, M.D. wrote and published his classic

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Calm Amongst the Chaos

Creating Calm Amongst the Chaos

In today’s ever-changing business environment, you can find yourself questioning whyme. I work hard! I set goals! I try to be fair; why is this happening to me! I can promise you that this happens to all business owners and sales professionals. I am sure that when you look back on similar experiences, you will

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Good business practices

Good and Bad Practices for Your Business

There are great ways to run your business and not so great ways to run your business, here at Zenith Marketing and Sales, you have the knowledge and experience of our team of professionals to guide you through the good and bad practices of running your business. Good Business Practices Refer Back to Your Business

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goall, plan, and action

3 Steps to Having a Successful and Productive 2020

How are you doing so far in 2020? Are you building momentum or has 2020 started to lose some its luster? Research conducted by Strava states that most people will give up on their new year’s goals by January 19th. If you are building momentum, congratulations. You are on your way to make your dreams a reality.

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Using Header tags in your site's content

Use Header Tags for a Better Experience on Your Website

Much like a young toddler telling a story and you aren’t sure what the point is, long pages of paragraph after paragraph kind of have that same effect on people. Where is this going? What’s the point? But unlike being patient with a toddler, people will not care about your feelings. They’ll leave your site

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Best Apps for Small Businesses in 2020

Best Apps for Small Businesses in 2020

As a small business owner, you know your time is valuable. You wear many hats and need all the tools you can get to work efficiently. Ranked by timesaving, money-saving, and stress-reducing features, here are the best apps for small businesses in 2020. Best Apps for Small Businesses in 2020 Calendly Licensed App Pocket Mile

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