Best Apps for Small Businesses in 2020

As a small business owner, you know your time is valuable. You wear many hats and need all the tools you can get to work efficiently. Ranked by timesaving, money-saving, and stress-reducing features, here are the best apps for small businesses in 2020.

Best Apps for Small Businesses in 2020

Apps for Scheduling and Reminders


Free and Paid Version

Calendly Scheduling app for your small business

Instead of a back and forth email chain trying to figure out the best time to make an appointment, Calendly offers an easy pick-the-date-and-time-available option. You set your availability, embed it on your website, and the other party can select from what’s available. You’ll get email notifications and reminders of the scheduled events.

Cool Features:

  • Calendly can sync with your other calendar such as Google Calendar, Office 365, Outlook, and iCloud.
  • It has multiple app integrations including Zoom, HubSpot, and Zapier.

If you’re on a team, I recommend getting the paid version and take advantage of all the features. Check it out here: https://calendly.com/

Licensed App

Paid and Worth Every Penny It Saves

Licensed App for your small business

The Licensed App is a one-time purchase app that keeps track of your license renewals, certifications, or whatever you need to be reminded of. Have a free trial ending soon? Set your reminder to cancel with a link directly to the cancelation page. Have an important business-related license that has to be renewed? Set yourself a reminder so you don’t miss that important vital to your business renewal. This app was created by a Merchant Mariner who is required to have a dozen+ licenses at a time, each with their own renewal dates. Even the best of us could have a hard time of keeping track of all those! After not being able to find the app he needed he went and created one.

Cool Features:

  • Unlimited Reminders. Create as many reminders as you need.
  • Custom reminder dates down to the minute. It’s up to you when you want to get notified.
  • Your reminders are listed in chronological order.
  • Searchable feature. Find the document your looking for—fast.
  • Link to the renewal website. This allows you to get the renewal started faster.
  • Back up feature so you can save all this info to your cloud.

One of my favorite parts: You don’t need a renewal reminder for this reminder app. 😉 It’s an inexpensive one-time purchase.

Full Disclosure: The creator of Licensed is a friend and client of ours. But we wouldn’t have taken them on as a client unless we were 100% a fan of their product.

Check them out here: http://thelicensedapp.com/

Apps to Make the Commute Easier


Free and Paid Version

Pocket app for small business owners

Not to sound pretentious with my nose stuck in the air, “I’m so busy I simply don’t have time to read.” I try to stay up to date on industry standards but I’m pretty busy and I don’t have a lot of time to read every relevant article that comes to my inbox. When I do have extra time it’s when I’m driving to client meetups or networking events BUT I need to keep my eyes on the road. Wouldn’t it be great if I had someone to read these articles to me while I drove? I thought it was probably worth a Google and so I found Pocket. I love it. I open the articles and save to Pocket with an in-browser add on or I can share to the app from my phone. Then before I start my next commute, I open the Pocket app and there is my list of saved articles ready to be read to me.

Cool Feature:

  • The premium version will save your articles indefinitely and has some cool organize by tagging features.

You Should Know: It is text-to-speech reader so it is a bit robotic sounding. However, that doesn’t bother me. Try it out and let me know what you think. Find it here: https://getpocket.com/

Mile IQ

Free and Paid Version

Mile IQ Mileage tracking app for small businesses

Speaking of commuting for business, Mile IQ uses automatic mileage tracking and lets you easily classify trips for personal or business. Swipe left, swipe right. It also has the ability for customizable reports. (Your accountant will thank you.)

Cool Features:

  • If you already have Office 365 Business Premium, the unlimited version of Mile IQ is included so take advantage of it!
  • It’s a learning app. Make the same commute every week? It will ask you if you want to automatically classify that route.
  • View on mobile or web dashboard.

Check it out here: https://www.mileiq.com/

Time Keepers and Time Tracker Apps

Rescue Time

Free and Paid Version

Rescue Time App for small businesses

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” – Peter Drucker

Where are you spending your screen time? It’s almost unbelievable how off our own estimates of time management can be. Rescue Time works behind the scenes on your computer and/or phone and reports where you are spending the most time and gives you a weekly productivity pulse.

Cool Features:

  • The free version stores 3 months of data so you can see relative increases or decreases in productivity.
  • Two different ways to look at the data. Where your time went in categories such as Communication/Scheduling and Reference/Learning or the actual apps or websites are that you are spending your time on such as Gmail and google.com.
  • You can create goals such as Spend less than 1 hour on Social Networking and view a running progress bar of that goal.
  • The premium plan has a feature that will send a notification when you are approaching a goal.

Check it out here https://www.rescuetime.com/


Free and Paid Version

Toggl App for small business

Unlike Rescue Time, Toggle is for individual project tracking. If you bill by the hour then this is a great tool. Kind of like a punch card, you can manually enter your start and stop time. You can assign billable rates to a task and track which project or clients are the most profitable.

Cool Features:

  • If you forget to start or stop your time, you’ll get a reminder to start or that your timer has been running idle a while.
  • Review your time by projects and clients.
  • Create reports for partners or clients (if it makes sense) so they can see where time is best spent.
  • Works between desktop and your phone. You can start the task on your desktop and push the stop button on your phone.

Check it out here: https://toggl.com/

I use and am a fan of all of these apps. I appreciate the free apps when I can get them but sometimes the paid versions make things so much easier. Remember, if you are using these apps for your business then they are tax deductible. 😉

Did we miss any? Share your must-have favorite apps in the comments and we’ll check them out.

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