About The Zenith Marketing and Sales Team

Why We Named Ourselves Zenith Marketing and Sales

The thought behind naming ourselves Zenith came from its original definition. (Not your old tv.)

ze·nith /ˈzēnəTH/
noun “the time at which something is most powerful or successful.”

We look at this in two different ways. The first is that we (the founding partners – John, Krysta, and Maggie) met at a business networking event as representatives of our own companies. We each offered separate services but shared the same end goal of helping businesses succeed. Because we shared the same goal, we decided we could be more powerful as a team.

Secondly, with our combined services in a team structure, we could help those same businesses be at their most successful. It’s a win-win.

Meet the Founders

Krysta Paffrath with Zenith Marketing and Sales

Krysta Paffrath

Marketing Director
Krysta is an entrepreneur and owner of two, successful businesses at the ripe age of 26. She believes in putting the personal touch back in marketing by using authentic content and a “return on relationship” approach.
Maggie Rodriguez with Zenith Marketing and Sales

Maggie Rodriguez

Creative Director
Maggie has 13 years of experience in graphic design and branding. Her approach is based on building an understanding of a client’s vision and purpose, then creating the visual brand such as a website, logo, and messaging that support that vision.
John Bradshaw with Zenith Marketing and Sales

John Bradshaw

Business and Sales Coach
John has 38 years of sales and management experience and six years of experience as a certified sales and business coach. His passion is helping businesses and individuals discover their pathway to success.
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