Episode 11: A Note from Zenith Marketing and Sales

A Note from Zenith Marketing and Sales

What to do when business slows down. A note from Zenith Marketing and Sales about what you can do during the slow down caused by COVID-19.


A few weeks ago I was telling someone how we are in the age of the entrepreneur. It’s never been a better time to own your own business and be your own boss. With technology and how fast we can deliver services and communication it’s amazing what opportunities we have.

Fast forward to today. The Universe said, “No. I’ve made this too easy.” Here we are with the Corona Virus that was in peripheral vision but has quickly become front and center in everyone’s mind.

Social Distancing and Abundance of Caution are now common phrases and the recommended group sizes for gatherings keep getting smaller and smaller. We can’t meet up with clients like we used to, we can’t go to our networking groups and interact with our small business community.

If you are lucky enough to not be directly infected by the virus, you are at the very least going through an emotionally exhausting time. In a perfect world we have 3 months of revenue set aside in case of emergencies to keep our businesses operating but we’re not all perfect and the current state of events has definitely shaken the plans of even the best planners.

If you’re like most of us you are wondering what’s going to happen to my business?

Take a minute and let’s think about what you do have. Hopefully you and your family are not infected. Grateful. We have internet and can communicate with our loved ones. Grateful. More time with family. Grateful.

Then sit down and get creative. How can you make this an opportunity to be a hero to your clients and customers. Let them know you understand this is a trying time, here’s what we are going to do for them. Find the opportunities but without being opportunistic. Not in a sleezy ambulance chaser way and taking advantage of people, but by being a ray of light coming through the dark and scary storm clouds.

Depending on the CDC recommendations and local government restrictions (which they may be changing at the time of this recording) are you able to take your service to them? Can you go mobile? Personal services or car services, can you take the business to them? How can you deliver your service in this new environment.

You can reach out to past clients just ask, is there anything you need? Everyone is having a hard time. Can you offer a product or service/something for free for this month while everything is closed?

If it ends up the restrictions absolutely don’t allow you to do any of those things then this still doesn’t have to be a mandated vacation, this is an opportunity to work on your business.

If you are like me, then you have a to-do list that keeps getting reassigned to the bottom of your pile because your clients and customers come first.

Work on your business. What have you been putting off? Refine your processes and work on your brand.

What you can do for others? Buy those gift cards. Share their business page on your facebook. Give them a testimonial. Attend their facebook parties or do the virtual networking. Don’t let your relationships fizzle out. If you believe in the law of attraction start testing that and give without expecting anything in return.

Be good to one another. Take care of yourself and your family.

Remember this is for a while, not forever. Let’s get ready for revenue when this thing turns around.

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